From one 65 litre to another…

Travelling solo vs. with your best mate

There are certainly pros & cons of both! Things to consider when deciding are – what kind of trip you want to do and what you want to gain from your travels! Remember what ever choice you make you are going to have an AMAZING time, so just choose what’s right for you at this present time!


Travelling on your own..

In my opinion, if you really want a life changing trip – something that changes your perspective on living – travelling as a one man wolf pack is the way to go! Your mind must always be ticking & thinking of the next best thing your wanting to discover, you have to think for your self constantly without the input of anyone else’s thoughts & you experience everything on a much deeper level because your thought process isn’t being influenced by anyone else’s.

“Mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

Travelling on your own also makes it much easier to meet new people. A lot of people can be intimidated by approaching a large group of people & if someone sees someone sitting on their own, they are more likely to approach them & make conversation. Likewise, it also forces you to step outside your own comfort zone & make a conscious effort to get to know people & join in! Your adventure is going to be what you make of it!

In my opinion, the only few cons of travelling on your own is that in some situations where you usually wouldn’t be worried, you must be always switched on & aware of your surroundings! But not looking too paranoid because that will only draw more attention to the fact that you are foreign. As a girl, you also have to consider appropriate attire that won’t draw attention to you in the wrong ways! If you don’t get the jist – don’t go get on a greyhound with disco pants & a crop top or head on an overnight euro rail in a mini skirt. My only other downfall of travelling on your own would be that at times it can get lonely. But this isn’t such a downfall, because I can guarantee it will make you a more independent, self sufficient person at the end of it!

Travelling with your bestie..

Is amazing fun! And a great way to build your friendship so strong & unique! Make sure you know the person well enough to think you might travel well together. You’ll never properly know until you do!

Always consider how compatible you are, how willing to compromise, how honest you are to one another and most of all how much you can trust one each other. It really can make or break a friendship! I was lucky enough to have my travels absolutely make my friendships! Travelling with a best friend gives you memories that will last a lifetime, and you will never forget them because you’re always going to have that special someone you experienced it with!

Doing a big trip also can be very physically, mentally and emotionally draining so having someone you’re close with at home, that knows you inside out, always helps! Another benefit of travelling with someone else is that they may have other ideas of things to do that you’ve never thought of! So you could experience even more together because two heads put together are better than one! Another huge benefit (if your a girl & love your clothes) if you travel with friends you also gain an extra wardrobe! Along with a wingman, a side kick, a person to share food with & someone to laugh with on those days where you might have to make your way to a bus stop 2kms away to catch a 12 hour bus to your next destination, still not feeling fully sober from the night before.

The only down fall of travelling with a friend would be if you don’t choose your travel partner wisely & it happens to cause a few hiccups in your trip, but if you do what I mentioned towards the start, you will be all rainbows, unicorns and smiles.



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