Banff, Alberta, Canada❄️

This place makes you beleive in Magic. Or maybe I’m going crazy from travelling on my own for 7 months.. I’m going to go with magic! Today I was so mesmerised by the snow, the mountains and the snow flakes hanging on the Christmas trees that I started questioning Santa.
If I was a kid that lived in Canada & found out Santa wasn’t real, I think I would go throug a serious case of depression.
Because everything here looks so magical!


Right now I’m in Banff, Alberta. I’ve just driven in an old ute (truck) with Jesse (my friend from the wakeboard team at camp) and his mate Ben, to Canmore. I asked “if these mountains were animals, what sound would they make?” Because all I could think when I looked at the huge snowy mountains was ROAAAAR! They were big, beasty & calling for adventure.
The Canadian Rockies are like no mountains or snow I’ve ever seen! You can see the rock faces peaking through the snow.
Banff is such a photogenic place. What I’m seeing in front of my eyes is nearly to good to be true.
Mountain, after mountain, after mountain.. Thousands and thousands of pine trees. All of it is nearly completely untouched.

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The nightlife in Banff was so much crazier than I imagined! Sunday’s & Thursday’s are there main nights to loose some brain cells. On Sunday we touched base at Mels, The Dancing Sasquatch, and the Devils Gap.
The Aussie novelty definately doesn’t work here! There are Aussies eveeeeerywhere.
I must say though, it was pretty damn good to hear some Australian tunes again! Finally abitta flume & some heavy bass yeyeaaahh!

The next day we died & didn’t leave the room.
But the day after we spent majority of the day hiking Tunnel Mountain!
I made a huge rookie mistake by wearing my doc Martin boots on this hike. Which was DUUUUMB. If I thought walking up the mountain was a challenge, walking down was literally like ice skating with my own novelty footwear. I physically could not walk because I was walking down a 160 degree angled hill, 2000ish feet high. Jesse had no choice but to link my arm like he was holding up a small child who was learning how to walk.
On the way back we walked past a heard of Elk! They are such different looking animals – crossed between a horse and a reindeer. They were all just chillen as we walked past, without a single flinch.
That night called for celebratory $8 steaks at Elk & Eroresman yewwww! If your looking for cheap food in banff, head to and look for the nightly deals around the town!

The next day we headed to Lake Louise! Where I saw the famous turquoise lake which was not so turquoise at this point. But the fog/steam rising from the water made it just as lovely, I’m sure!
I got to experience Mt Norquay with no one there! Which was pretty special. The chairlifts & runs weren’t running yet, so my mountain was all mine to play on! Ben & I got some $2 plastic toboggan’s and did a few unco 360’s down the slopes! While jesse put his feet into his snowboard for the first time of the season.
That night we headed down to Mels for a few bevos, I met some pretty cool people then stumbled to bed and woke up with a throbbing head.






On Thursday I hung out with Ryan (Kirstys brother who happened to be in town) and his mate from Calgary – Taylor. We had the famous all day hungover breakfast at Brunos then we drove in Taylor’s car to see the Banff hot springs, we came across a family of deer on the way & managed to get only a couple of metres away from the Buck! The hot springs looked amazing! We saw an incredible view of the sun gleaming through the snow capped pine trees with the steam from the hot springs, which created a beautiful silhouette in the sky of the trees.
We then to decided to check out how much it was to get up to the Sulphur mountain. One of the largest in the Canadian Rockies.
It’s around 2 and a half thousand metres high and looks down onto the town of Banff, and on the other side you can see miles & miles of mountains. We hiked up to Sanson’s peak which was 7,402ft high. The view was absolutely incredible. Everything down below looked so still and I felt as if the world had just paused for a second.
I felt as if I was standing still in time up there. Appreciating how lucky I am to be able to see such a spectacular site & I never wanted to stop getting out of my comfort zone & seeing the unimaginable.
At this moment, I also realised that Canada is by far one of my favourite countries in the world.


10363349_10152903696713092_2761357710724378575_n 10407762_10152903857573092_8941002144159070404_n

I’m also so super dooooper happy because I feel like I know where I want to go in life, where I want to be and who I need in my life. I think everyone should travel before deciding what direction they want there life to go in because how do you know if you haven’t seen all that the world has to offer! I now can’t wait to put all my dreams into action!
I have fallen in love with the Canadian Rockies! The mountains are shaped like native Indian villages. If you look closely, they look like hundreds of little native teepees all together.

That night we had another crazy night at da clurb but I don’t remember much.. Seems like I had fun! The 15 hour bus was hell the next day.
Unfortunately the day that I left the slopes were opening! But I’ve still got whistler to go! So hopefully I’ll have the chance to snow board then! I came at an awkward time, but even so, Banff is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life.


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